Thursday, February 20, 2014

Finding My Balance & Throwback Thursday.

Life is all about balance. Finding the balance is easier said then done. Granted this is only my second month home with my children, I should say child because my older boy is in school all day. Some days I feel like such a rockstar and other days I'm so worn out by the lack of sleep the night before that I barely make it until bed time.

I can't manage to get up and moving before 7 since both of the boys sleep until 7 most days, which I know is totally lucky. However the 4 year old gets up two to three times a night and the 15 month old gets up 3 to 4. Regardless I still haven't felt like I've found a balance. 

So I cruise the blogosphere on my smart phone while I nurse the little guy down for naps or bed time, and see all these awesome home keeping printables and I'm all like, "That's a fantastic idea..." but it's now Thursday. According to Facebook and Instagram it's 'Throw Back Thursday". According to the awesome Home Keeping Binder I set up with all of my schedules (overload) it's 'Window and Floor Day'....I'm working on finding my balance. The balance that lets me get work done around the house, run my home based business, and play with my kids...until there's a better balance let's go with Throw Back Thursday just so I can get myself back in the habit of blogging. 

June 2006 - Our first ferret, Nelson. :-)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Having a baby can rain down holy havoc on your sleep, daily routine, and finances. It can also be a major blessing. We were blessed twice. But that simply meant I had to be twice as frugal to make our money to further. I turned to couponing like most of America. When I started cloth diapering my first son at the age of 6 months I starting thinking about saving via repurposing and reusing. Why couldn't I repurpose and reuse some of the items in our home to help?! I used my old clothes old towels and bought some really cheap washcloths to replace our paper products. Before you roll your eyes at me think about it. Really think about it. The only paper we kept in our home was toilet paper. I have several different sizes and color patterns for different things. There are kitchen towels, and cleaning tags, we also have wash clothes in the bathrooms for hands and we use them as napkins and small messes. We use a wire waste basket next to the trash can where our four year old throws his used 'napkin' when he's done. He uses it for all of his meals unless its a total disaster then he gets a new one. I wash them separately once a week. When you're already cloth diapering one more load of laundry doesn't phase you. I fondly remember H eating in his highchair at Nana and Poppops house and asking for a "nan-nin" and my parents handed him a paper napkin and he looked at me and asked,"Mommy - ah dis?" We still laugh to this day. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Six. Months.

Six months of chaos and pure love. Six months. It seems like it goes by so much fast with your second child. With H I was just graduating from college, it took me 9 years but I did it. I worked part time when to college part time and was a Mommy 24/7. This time I work full time outside my home and I feel like I have less time than I did 4 years ago. It's a race from the time I get up at 5am until after I get the kids to sleep the dishes washed and the laundry in one of its 4 stages. There's always laundry. Add in 37 cloth diapers and you've got yourself a constant state of laundry. There are lulls in the chaos. Brief periods of quiet where you can hear yourself think and you can observe one of your children before they catch you spying on them and automatically say your name. I wouldn't trade one moment of my life or the whirling dervish that H has turned out to be...I do find myself wondering who W is and where he will fit into our little family. I feel like I waited for him for such a long time when in reality it happened so quickly. R&R came, Mr. Ski and I had the discussion of adding to our family and before we could finish the sentence I was pregnant. Then 7 months later the deployment was behind us and we were preparing for the holidays. I blinked and it was Thanksgiving. My due date. Three days later I was in labor. Three pushes after that I was holding W. It's been 6 months and yet it feels like just yesterday. Time. Is. Fleeting. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Friday, July 20, 2012

Premama: Prenatal Vitamins

I've never had a problem taking vitamins, or even large "horse-sized" pills - but I dislike having to take several vitamins and pills a day. When my husband and I found out we were expecting our second child, after the rush of joy I thought, "Dear Lord, two more vitamins I'll have to take each day!" When I was given the chance to review Premama Prenatal Vitamin Supplement Mix I was more than excited. I'm a really big fan of a green breakfast smoothie. So this is perfect, I just open the packet and dump it right in with my fruits and veggies.

Premama is flavorless, and only six calories! You could even put it in your morning orange juice! Premama includes all of the regular vitamins and minerals found in a typical Prenatal Vitamin however it also includes folic acid, iron, DHA, CoQ10 and calcium. I love getting my DHA in flavorless powder form, those DHA capsules taste fishy and they're the worst part of being pregnant in my opinion.

                                                                      Premama Prenatal Vitamin Drink with DHA

Premama is doctor recommended and was deisgned to help relieve common side effects associated with pregnancy. Premama includes ginger, vitamin B6 and magnesium to help combat nausea and offer digestive relief. Ginger and Vitamin B6 are known to help with morning sickness which is something most of us deal with during pregnancy. I've been very blessed this time around and have had a wonderful pregnancy so far!

Luckily I found out about Premama and was offered a trial to review in my first trimester - and I immediately ordered my own supply when I finished the sample I was sent.

Premama was developed by a team of obstetricians and gynecologists (OBGYNs), nutritionists, pharmacists, and health business experts. This team developed Premama with the intention of aiding Pregnant Women from the discomfort of taking prenatal pills. After a series of nutritional tests and Mom sample tests, the product gained final approval and was released to the public in 2012!!

A few FUN facts about Premama:
- Only 6 Calories per Serving
- 100% Natural
- Certified Kosher
- Gluten Free
- BPA Free
- Nausea and Constipation relief!
- Free from most allergens (contains traces of milk and soybean)

This nutritional drink is perfect for nursing and expectant mothers, it's also very beneficial if you're trying to concieve.

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